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360° Production Guide

Virtual reality is impacting fields from medicine to journalism – and education, too. Through simulations and virtual field trips, virtual reality lets us step into the shoes of a young girl in a refugee camp, investigate ocean acidification, witness the wonder of the Great Barrier Reef, and more.

We can do more than consume content with these new technologies: we can also be creators, and produce immersive media that makes an impact.


360° Production Guide


In this production guide, you will learn how to create 360° media and engage with an issue you care about. You’ll take action, and make a difference.

  • Big idea: Media
  • Essential Question: How can we make a difference in our communities with media?
  • Challenge: Make an impact on an issue you care about with 360° media.

Get started with the guide in the sections below, or visit the full Table of Contents to see all practices and resources.


Students working together at a table

Start by identifying big ideas you care about and using essential questioning to develop a challenge you want to take action on.


3 female students. One is holding a 360 camera while the others look a it.

Investigate your challenge and learn about 360° media production using our guiding resources.


Students presenting their film

Develop your solution and create 360° media to share it with the world. Evaluate the impact your film had, and reflect on your process and what you learned.

For Educators

This guide follows the format of Challenge Based Learning, a framework that allows students and teachers to identify meaningful challenges, learn deeply about the content in order to develop solutions, take action to positively impact their communities.

Learn more about the guide here.


Check out our glossary to learn about media terminology. And while the guide focuses on 360° media, you can also use it with other media, including traditional film and photography, augmented reality, coded virtual reality, and more.

Check out the glossary and extension resources to learn more!

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