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Computational Thinking

Technology has fundamentally changed how we live, work, and even how we think. Computational thinking is an approach to problem-solving that leverages complex models and simulations, logical processes, and data to take on challenges. By developing associated skills, students can better understand complex systems and design them effectively – whether they manifest through code or through the interplay between individuals in society.

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What Makes Us Want to Keep Playing?

“Winterboro students are becoming video game creators! To get started, students played a variety of video games on different gaming systems to get ideas for their own games and to explore the question ‘What makes us want to keep playing?’ The next step was for students to build their own! Students are currently using AgentCubes online to build and code a multi-level video game! They are also designing their own controllers using a block based coding CAD platform called BlocksCAD. The finished controllers will be 3D printed and then programmed using Makey Makey. The end result will be a controller that can be used to play the students’ video games!”  – Emily Nestor, Winterboro High School in Alpine, Alabama. Learn more.

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